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A todos nos jode un montón el ir a comprar algo por un precio ya conocido, pero que en el último momento resulta que hay que aumentar por los más variopintos motivos.

Eso ocurre siempre o casi siempre, a la hora de alquilar un coche en el aeropuerto de Málaga.

Pocas son las empresas de rent a car que no se han sumado a la moda de engañar al cliente.


By the time all the extra charges are added onto your bill, you may find yourself paying almost double the cheap car rental base rate you were quoted. As a general rule, contact the rental company immediately, together with the police, asking them to produce a written incident report for the hire company. An emergency telephone number and an accident report form should be supplied at the time the car is rented.

You'll want to relax on your vacation abroad, and as long as your insurances are sorted out for a vehicle you are familiar with operating, you'll have plenty of peace of mind! More Car Rental Costs Back to Index Car Rental Fuel Policy Appears on car rental contracts as: Full to Full, Full to Empty Typically Costs: Local price of fuel Car Rental Fees Fuel Policy What you need to know: Your car rental fuel policy will determine how you will pay for any existing fuel your rental car comes with when you pick it up.

Readers regularly report problems where the inspection reveals a scratch or damage which the company claims was not there when the car was collected, and the cost of repair is deducted from their card. Hiring a car abroad is a great way to get around Hiring a car abroad is a great way to get around It is certainly not defensible, but perhaps it is not surprising that local franchises behave in this way.

Many smaller, local companies charge mileage if you exceed a given daily allotment. So if you’re under 25, be prepared to pay a daily fee of around $25 (or more) per day. Langston didn’t catch on right away, partly because the fee charges were separate from the rental car. And in a few countries, freeways really are free (like Germany’s autobahn system). Parking: Estimate $35 a day in big cities (more like $40–55/day in London and Paris — don’t park there), otherwise it’s usually free, or at least fairly cheap.

Hiring a car anywhere abroad should be a relatively easy and transparent process, but very often it is not and is something that can cost you dear when you get home. The array of insurances and confusions of conditions of hire can make it virtually impossible to make an informed judgement – there's a chance that you either take out unnecessary insurance or face additional and often considerable costs later. Plan ahead If you leave it to the last minute and simply pick a hire desk at random when you arrive at your destination airport you'll have no idea if you're getting a good deal or not.

They add up pretty quickly.” Upgrading your car for free will cost you.

Check for damage before you leave. Similar to what you would do before you sign a rental agreement for a property, make sure to note any existing damage to your hired vehicle. For those landing at an airport or coming in by train, the additional location surcharges are often worth the convenience of picking up your car right after you get off your plane or train rather than hauling your luggage to a downtown office.

Some companies, such as cheap car rental at Malaga airport and hyrbil Malaga, have started offering Wi-Fi in some cars (roughly $10/day). Of the researchers who had a compulsory fuel charge to pay, 75% said they did not know how much it would be. While there is no way to avoid these fees altogether, savvy consumers can take care to consider these extra costs when hunting for the best overall rates.

Additional equipment is usually charged on a per-day basis, and prices will range depending on the supplier you are renting from; add-ons will always cost extra, to be paid for at the counter and subject to VAT, unless your quote or contract explicitly states them as "included". The hold is there in case you spill grape juice all over the passenger seat or drive the car into a pile of manure (if you’ve seen the “Back to the Future” movie series, you know it could happen).

Charges for damages. Make sure any marks are highlighted on the check-out sheet, and take time and dated photos, to prove that any damage was on the car before you drove it away. Don't spend more money at the rental desk when you pick up your hire car. Agencies may tack on vaguely worded extras like “contract fees” or “credit-card fees” that weren’t included in your quote.

That’s true, except for what you’ll pay in gas. For an extra $10 - $30 a day, you can avoid liability for any damage to the vehicle, provided you're not found guilty of gross negligence. included," "drop charge due at pick up," and "one way fee required." International one ways will invariably incur a significant fee, the lower end of which will run around €100. Avoid the charge by picking up your car at a location a bit farther out, but make sure you either find one with a free shuttle or price how much it will cost you to take public transportation or a taxi to a different location—the price difference might not be worth it.

Under 25 Penalty: If you’re a quarter of a century old or less, you’ll have to pay big to rent a car. hyrbil Malaga flygplats would charge £26.13 for the infant seat and £13.49 for the booster. It’s simple to avoid these charges — just take your own. The clever people who invented the Trunki kids’ suitcase now have a booster seat that doubles as a back-pack and can be taken on the plane as hand luggage.

They both noticed a large gash in the roof of the vehicle and asked if they could rent another one. insurance policy in the vehicle’s glove box as well as the basic personal liability insurance you purchase from the company. Be careful of airport fees and rent away from the airport if possible. for a three-week holiday can top £100. Europe is not much better. Now you can be charged more than £10 a day to have your spouse sharing the load, though most firms have a charge cap that keeps the cost down for longer breaks.

The charge must usually be paid at the airport when you arrive and sometimes you won’t know how much until you get there. cheap car rental at Malaga airport, for example, will charge €7.26 (about £6) per day in Spain, but the charge is capped at £60 after ten days.

In Málaga the charge is €14 (£11.50) per day, also capped after ten days. You must mention any planned travel that crosses international borders when arranging your reservation and, if the travel is permitted, there may be extra International Car Rental Feesfees incurred for outfitting your rental vehicle with the proper documentation, toll stickers, and licensing necessary for traveling to other countries. Since border crossings in Western Europe are relatively easy, traveling between countries is almost always permitted free of charge.

Because the initial price which the customer has paid for the car can be very low, the company depends on selling the excess waiver in order to run its business. She racked up at least eight $24.75 charges during her five months of renting cars. Some rental companies offer to charge drivers a fee that allows them to go through tolls without paying, but those can come with per-day charges even if you only go through, say, one toll booth. [See: 10 Saving Strategies That Can Backfire.]

Plan ahead. Note that some companies, like cheap car rental at Malaga airport, autovermietung Malaga and mietwagen Malaga, will allow the renter's spouse or domestic partner to drive the vehicle for no extra charge in some locations -- so if both partners are planning to take the wheel, consider renting from one of these providers. Extras gps navigation system car dashboardThere may also be additional charges for things you had not considered, like infant and child seat rentals, roof racks, GPS navigation systems and other extras.

Be wary, however, that you will have to pay for a cab or navigate public transportation to get to a downtown office from your arrival point. We also asked more than 3,000 Which? Connect members in January about car hire. More on this... What do you think about car hire charges? Join the Conversation How to complain about your car hire company Which? Travel advice on the best travel products and services Again, check your credit card as well as any existing auto insurance that you have to see if you’re covered before signing up for what the OTA is offering.

The car-rental companies just tack the required fee right onto the bill, and there’s no way to get out of it. Frequent-Flyer Fee: Major car-rental agencies are now charging consumers who want to use the car to earn airline miles. The stress levels for the customer can also be very high when they return the vehicle. Theft Protection (TP) may be an optional extra. The cheapest company for rental in one country might be the most expensive in the next.

It is worth making sure you are covered or you will be liable for the full value of the vehicle if it is stolen. To save on fuel charges, opt for a full to full policy when available, fill up the rental car right before you return it, and retain a copy of the receipt for your records. Plenty of people rent cars with nary a problem, but if you’re careless, you might find yourself wishing you had taken some other mode of transportation – like traveling the friendly skies. Most airlines allow you to take them for free - Consider taking out an annual excess waiver insurance policy which can cost as little as £40 for driving in Europe.

Most car hire companies let you add a driver for just part of your rental period, so consider when you need that extra pair of hands on the wheel - Always ensure you don't go over your 24 hour rental period - The best fuel policy for all car hire companies is to return FULL, which incurs no charge. In recent years, some stories have been reported in the media with holidaymakers handing the keys over to people in the car park who they thought were members of staff – they weren’t and this resulted in the vehicle being stolen.

Check your quote or contract thoroughly to make sure any domestic one way fees are either included or won't apply, or find out how much these charges will be to factor them into your hunt for the best overall deal. Keep in mind that limitations may apply to both types of coverage, and that an accident in a rental car may affect the rates on your existing car insurance policy.

Compulsory equipment and penalties Local rules may require drivers to carry (and use if/when required) certain items of safety equipment such as a warning triangle, first aid kit or reflective jackets. Warning triangle Warning triangle It's important to make sure you understand local rules but, as loose items like this can go missing from hire cars over time, it's important to check that the car is correctly equipped too.

Fines for not having the required equipment on board can be stiff depending on the perceived seriousness of the offence. However, we recommend that before signing your contract and for added peace of mind that you carry out the following checks: In the USA, you are strongly advised to top up the state minimum third party cover to $1m with Supplementary Liability Insurance (SLI). Have the damage-free condition confirmed in writing, or note any damage.

Unlike VAT tax paid on goods, clothing, and souvenirs, which can be reclaimed at the airport upon your departure, you cannot reclaim any VAT taxes you pay on a car rental. Avoiding Car Rental VAT Tax: Rental car VAT tax is usually included in a quoted car rental cost, but it can sometimes be left out and charged locally. They charge top prices for the full tank and then most people leave around a quarter of a tank.

It is important to know that in some countries, like Spain, you may be entitled to a total or partial refund of the VAT, occasionally this can greatly reduce the final cost of the service of the car hire company you’re booking your vehicle with. InsuranceOne of the most common extra charges is for the insurance, usually referred to by the car hire companies as Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) or Loss Damage Waiver (LDW). And, obviously, don’t think you can get away with drink-driving, either.

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  1. Existen tantas ofertas y modelos de coches de alquiler como viajeros, así que es preciso no perder la oportunidad y subirse a portales web como Málaga donde soñar es posible a través de la pantalla del ordenador. Fue fundada en 1957 y su sede central Ver el apartado que le dedicamos.

    Kilometraje: normalmente los coches de alquiler tienen un número máximo de kilómetros que recorrer, y si pasas de este tope tendrás que pagar cargos adicionales. Ya en Abril publicamos un artículo facilitando información a cerca del alquiler de coches en Málaga.

  2. En determinadas webs de alquiler de coches por poco mas de 5 Euros puedes ampliar la cobertura del seguro con “Franquicia Cero”.

    Espero que estas recomendaciones sobre el alquiler de coches te faciliten un poco mas las cosas.

    Después de varios viajes por Málaga en coche, muchas de ellas compartidas con vosotros en este blog en diarios de viaje, me decidí hacer una entrada con consejos para conducir por muchos paises con coche propio o de alquiler, que fue adquirida por Málaga Holding.

  3. car hire malaga visa number not require for booking30 de septiembre de 2016, 1:40

    Si no nos cobran, nunca está de más llevar más de una persona como conductor autorizado.

    Si tu viaje dura más de una semana, lo mas recomendable es invertir en este servicio, pero siempre dedicándole un buen tiempo para una selección conveniente.

  4. car hire malaga torre del mar3 de octubre de 2016, 13:18

    Por eso nosotros estamos enamorados de esta forma de viajar y esperamos poder continuar compartiendo por aquí todas las rutas que estén por llegar.

    Aplican términos y condiciones estándar correspondiente a cada país, periodos de restricción fiestas locales y nacionales, y restricciones de edad, duración y tipo de vehículo.

  5. car hire malaga free changes and cancellations if needed23 de octubre de 2016, 0:42

    Hacer que su viaje valga la pena también depende de esto. Muchos arrendamientos ahora requieren un monto adicional por anticipado para comenzar el arrendamiento.

    Hay otras compañías que te cobran el importe del peaje una vez que devuelvas el coche. car rental malaga automatic people carrier Condiciones de la oferta.

    ESTE AÑO HAREMOS Málaga!! Tenemos vuelos y tenemos coche. car hire malaga estepona No he podido comprobar si existe diferencia de precio, si no lo hubiera, recomiendo reservar como nosotros, pues puedes resolver tus dudas en español.

  6. car hire malaga free extra drivers23 de octubre de 2016, 15:42

    Personalmente, vemos que tienen varias ventajas: Al ser multicompañía puedes hacer una primera ojeada rápida y ágil, sin necesidad de ir mirando una por una las distintas compañías y anotando los precios.

    En agp malaga airport rent a car Aquí, cuidado: estos vehículos, aún contando con pocos kilómetros (la mayoría son “jubilados” entre los 25 y 40.000 km), han pasado por infinidad de manos desde su más tierna infancia, lo que implica un rodaje poco ortodoxo.

  7. car hire malaga automatic seven seaters24 de octubre de 2016, 12:04

    Gracias a la gran variedad de oferta de coches que ofrece Málaga podemos elegir aquel tipo de vehículo que encaja perfectamente con nuestras pretensiones, bien un descapotable para perdernos por la costa, o bien un coche familiar (una berlina) para recorrer grandes ciudades como Málaga, o un Todoterreno para explorar las zonas cercanas al car hire at malaga airport.

  8. car hire malaga automatic nine seaters25 de octubre de 2016, 15:35

    Si alquilamos el vehículo, tendremos que acostumbrarnos a manejar el cambio de marchas con la mano izquierda, pero tendremos la ventaja de llevar el volante en la derecha y el velocímetro en millas.

    RENT A CAR: fundada en 1966 en Málaga, posee más de 250 oficinas en todo el mundo.

    En este caso es imprescindible un coche de alquiler en Málaga para conocer todos sus encantos.

  9. agp malaga airport rent a car28 de octubre de 2016, 14:30

    La comodidad y privacidad, su punto fuerte Con garantía de realizar todo el trámite de manera fácil y sencilla, con la tranquilidad que el coche alquilado no solo cumplirá con tus necesidades, sino que también podrá disfrutar del ambiente que busque allá donde vaya, sólo tiene que solicitar al chófer el destino que desea en cada momento.

    Nota salpicadero de millas por hora pasados a quilómetros por hora Nota en el salpicadero con los límites más comunes de millas por hora pasados a kilómetros por hora.

  10. costa del sol car rental29 de octubre de 2016, 15:09

    Algunas tarjetas de crédito Gold cubren este costo, por lo que es digno de la comprobación con su tarjeta o el banco si éste es el caso.

    Si usted viaja en temporada alta, trate de reservar con bastante antelación para obtener los mejores precios; Considere cuidadosamente las otras opciones de seguro.

    Las carreteras La capital cuenta con cuatro carreteras de circunvalación que tienen características de autopista: rodea el centro de la ciudad conecta los barrios residenciales de Málaga bordea el sur y sureste de la ciudad.

  11. Por último, para los más preocupados por el medio ambiente, también utilizar el coche de alquiler tiene la desventaja de ser un medio de transporte poco ecológico.

    Con los extras que cobran el precio diario total no compensa si se compara con otras empresas. Vamos, que me van a dar el coche que les de la gana dentro de la categoría elegida.

  12. car rental malaga torre del mar31 de octubre de 2016, 1:39

    Check what the rate includes Make sure you know exactly what the rate includes.

    Some countries, mostly in central Europe, require drivers to buy a sticker (“vignette”) for their window.

    Unfortunately, you probably can't avoid state and local sales taxes -- or the European equivalent, the value-added tax (VAT), which can be as high as 25 percent.

    Ask for an English version or a version in a familiar language.

    Credit card and documents – it's impossible to rent a car without a credit card – the card must have sufficient funds on it too – but enquire in advance which other documents you will need (driving licence, ID card, IDP etc.)

    You will need to have held a driving licence for at least one year.

    Hand the keys back to the desk. Upon your return ensure that you give the keys of the vehicle to a member of staff at the car hire desk.

    Take the originals as they won't accept photocopies In some countries you might need to apply for an International Driving Permit (IDP).

    The big fees are incurred by dropping off your vehicle in a different country than you picked it up in.

    We are sharing the results of our investigation with car hire companies to encourage them to make improvements.

    Best and worst car hire companies Hiring a car doesn't have to involve hidden charges.

  13. car rental malaga second driver free1 de noviembre de 2016, 15:49

    We checked the policies and prices of the big car hire companies so you can see clearly what the charges are if you're driving in the most popular European driving destinations: Spain, Málaga, and the UK.

    Check our handy tables to see which company is cheapest for what you needs, but always remember to shop around. states, although in a few states (and some foreign countries) it is compulsory and built into the basic car rental cost.

    Before you purchase the extra insurance, check to see if your regular car insurance covers you in a rental car.

    Regardless of whether you use some of the fuel, or all of it, you will pay for the full tank.

  14. car rental malaga nerja3 de noviembre de 2016, 10:00

    Familiarise yourself with the controls Make sure you are familiar with all controls and that the lights, wipers and horn work properly.

    Companies increase the rental price by 10 percent if they are located near an airport or give you a ride to or from an airport.

    While driving in Málaga is very similar to driving in the U.S. Additional theft cover is recommended if not included as standard.

    Be prepared For the latest information on Low Emission Zones, Congestion Charge schemes and other access restrictions/regulations in cities across Europe that affect foreign registered vehicles visit Urban Access Regulations in Europe.

    In an emergency If a hire car is involved in an accident or stolen, insurance cover and refunds may be linked to conditions such as a requirement to report the incident within a set period of time came bottom of the Which? members' satisfaction table with a customer score of 42%

  15. car rental malaga marbella5 de noviembre de 2016, 13:55

    So don't abandon your dreams of touring Europe by car because of an international one way fee; just plan on getting back to where you started after completing your tour!

    More Rental Car Costs or Car Rental Equipment Appears on car rental contracts as: Car Rental Equipment (GPS, child seats, winter tires, etc.), Add-Ons, Extras Typically Costs: €5 to €15 per day, per item.

    Car Rental Cost: Roof Rack What you need to know: You will always have the option of adding additional equipment to your rental depending on your unique needs or preferences.

  16. car rental malaga delivery to the airport terminal6 de noviembre de 2016, 13:37

    Airport Taxes If you have booked your car hire rental at an airport location in Spain, in many cases the car hire agency is contractually required to pay a concession fee to the airport.

    Avoid overpaying for gas at the start or finish of your trip.

    Tolls: You’ll pay tolls figured on the distance you drive (about 12 cents per mile) for expressways in certain countries.

    In some cases you will be charged a small fee which is used by the local governments to fund local development projects or improvements to the infrastructure.

  17. Biluthyrning María Zambrano9 de noviembre de 2016, 18:51

    However, most car rental companies now offer the option of purchasing a full tank of gas when you first take the car, enabling you to return the car with as much or as little fuel as you wish.

    Note that there is no refund for unused fuel, so you'll likely be paying a little extra for the convenience of skipping the trip to the gas station.

    Local and state taxes In Europe local and state taxes, sometimes also called sales tax vary considerably from country to country.

    It is always wise to check for things such as additional driver fees, drop-off charges, local taxes and airport surcharges.

    If you're parked in a supermarket and the car gets scratched you are still liable.

    How can you avoid paying almost double that fantastic base rate? Read the following tips on the surcharges and tricks for how to cut the expenses you’re most likely to face at the desk of any of the local car hire companies in Spain.

  18. Autovermietung Maria Zambrano10 de noviembre de 2016, 4:50

    There's a good chance that the cost of hire will be lower too if booked in advance.

    Photocard paper counterpart The paper counterpart to the photocard licence is being abolished from 8 June 2015 and information about penalty points will only be held on DVLA's driver record.

    Anticipating that some car hire companies overseas may not immediately be aware of this change, the AA recommends that you retain your paper counterpart if you intend hiring a car abroad rather than following DVLA advice and destroying it on 8 June.

    Additionally you should: Print your own driving licence record from DVLA's website - you'll need to know your driving licence number, national insurance number and your home address post code.

    Obtain a code from the DVLA's 'share driving licence' service that you can pass to a third party (employer, hire car company).

    If money is taken from your card for damage, you will claim this back from your standalone insurance provider.

    Always check the hire car thoroughly, before you drive away, as a study found that a quarter of rental drivers have found damage on their hire car which was not marked down on the check-out sheet.

  19. Biludlejning malaga lufthavn10 de noviembre de 2016, 18:49

    Theft Protection is mandatory in Málaga. In most countries, a daily Excess Reduction (EXR) cover can be taken out to reduce the CDW and TP excess.

    Be aware that you may pay a specific surcharge for traveling at a "peak" time. Car Rental Secrets We Bet You Don't Know Age Penalties If you're under 25, you may have to pay an additional fee, usually about $25 - $30 per day. (We found that the best savings could be made by booking at least six months ahead).

    Be careful of low headline prices for car hire: A good deal may actually end up being more expensive once hidden extras are added in, e.g., paying for an over-priced tank of fuel on arrival.

    Always check the fuel policy of the rental company as some rental companies want you to return the car empty which can be hard on a small Spanish island! Picking up the car full and returning it full is probably the best option, although don't forget to keep your receipt from filling it up as you may need to show this!

    It doesn't matter how good a driver you are, a "little prang" could end up costing you £100s! Around a quarter of all claims are for damage to stationary cars.

  20. Biluthyrning AGP Malaga11 de noviembre de 2016, 13:38

    So began a press released issued this week by the insurance provider, summarising some research it had done about extra charges levied over and above the basic price for renting a car - charges for example for adding an extra driver, a child's car seat, a sat nav, and most expensively of all, the cost of waiving the excess for which you are responsible if you have an accident, or damage the car during the hire period.

    Once you’re free and easy behind the wheel of a car, it’s all worth it. Across Europe, basic rental rates vary from company to company, month to month, and country to country (rentals in Germany tend to be cheaper than average; rentals in Málaga tend to be more expensive).

    They are more likely to offer the latest model cars, operate a wider network of locations, prepare vehicles to a higher standard and offer emergency roadside assistance.

  21. Hyrbil malaga flygplats13 de noviembre de 2016, 15:27

    Additional Drivers Adding more than one driver to your rental agreement often carries a surcharge.

    For more on international driving permits, see International Car Rental Tips.

    “Car hire booking sites are failing to disclose the cost of 'extras' during the booking process, leaving travellers in the dark about how much they may have to pay when they arrive to pick up their car.”

  22. Here are some tips to avoid seeing costs soar: Take your own child's seat and sat-nav to avoid being hit by hefty additional daily charges. (Many major companies also waive the fee if the extra driver is the primary driver’s spouse or partner.)

    Early Return Fee: Everyone knows you can expect to be fined for returning a car late, but did you know you can also be charged for returning a car early? Some rental-car companies will charge you for “breaking your contract” by returning the car early or say that any discount you got for booking a car for multiple days was voided by returning the car early.

    Age restrictions vary by country and franchise, so be sure to check ahead.

  23. Autovermietung Flughafen Malaga Pablo Picasso18 de noviembre de 2016, 14:39

    Of those, six in 10 did not get their money returned after they disputed the additional cost. A driver will pay on average of £304 across a dozen of the most popular destinations including Spain,

    Málaga to rent a compact family car such as a VW Golf for a week in August, according to website.

    However, once extras are added including excess-waiver insurance, an extra driver, a sat-nav and a child's seat the average price shoots up to £523.

  24. Mietwagen am Malaga Flughafen 19 de noviembre de 2016, 16:53

    It’s just as dangerous abroad as at home and the drink-drive limits in most countries are lower than in the UK.

    Be aware, too, that you could face on-the-spot fines for some offences, so you will need local currency. Also, it’s easy to let your guard down when on holiday.

    Some will use a full-empty policy, where you pay for a full tank of petrol when you pick up your car, but are not offered a refund for returning it with any unused fuel.

    On many holidays, especially short breaks, you have little chance of using all the fuel.

  25. car rental malaga brand new cars20 de abril de 2017, 13:48

    This policy means that you must pay for a full tank of fuel, prior to the company releasing the rental vehicle.

    Other nonnegotiable fees, such as a “road tax” or “eco tax,” also differ per country (road tax is usually less than $5 per day; expect about $5–10 per day for environmental fees, most commonly applied to automatic-transmission cars); if it’s not clear whether these taxes are included in a price, ask.

    Insurance: Your biggest potential extra cost when renting a car is insurance, even if the rental price supposedly includes insurance. The code will be valid for 21 days and will give them one-off access to your online driving licence record to verify the printed copy.

    Check with the hire company before travel if you can as requirements may vary.

    Other ways to apply » Insurance You can expect to be offered a fairly bewildering array of additional insurances, particularly if hiring from an independent hirer within your resort rather than a well known international brands.

  26. car rental malaga automatic car1 de mayo de 2017, 14:55

    Examples include: ALI(Additional Liability Insurance) and LIS(Liability Insurance Supplement) – flat-rate increase in the liability insurance cover sum.

    CDW(Collision Damage Waiver) – comprehensive damage cover with liability reduction, but not automatically with a liability waiver (may differ from country to country).

    LDW(Loss Damage Waiver) – comprehensive damage cover with a liability waiver for damage to the rented car, also for theft and vandalism.

    PAI(Personal Accident Insurance) – passenger insurance for injury and death.

    PEP(Personal Effects Protection) and PEC(Personal Effects Coverage) – luggage insurance.

    PERSPRO/CCP(Carefree Personal Protection) – personal injury and luggage insurance, additional cover for certain emergency medical services.

    SCDW(Super Collision Damage Waiver) – comprehensive damage cover with a particularly low excess or no excess at all.

    TP(Theft Protection) or THW(Theft Waiver) – theft insurance, usually with an excess.

    STP(Super Theft Protection) – theft insurance with a particularly low excess or no excess.

    UMP (Uninsured Motorist Protection) – additional insurance in the event of injury or death caused by a hit-and-run driver or by an under-insured driver.

    Car hire excess insurance Rather than pay the hire company's 'Super' insurance premium to reduce possible excess payments in the event of a claim it might be cheaper to take the hirer's standard product and insure separately with a car hire excess reimbursement insurance policy.

  27. car rental from malaga airport11 de mayo de 2017, 16:13

    Check the rental agreement carefully. We’d rather provide great service from other convenient locations nearby and pass the savings directly on to you.

    Airport – hyrbil Malaga office is a short five-minute ($15) taxi ride from Domestic Airport (three km).

    Málaga Airport – frequent, low-cost transfer service directly to our Málaga office from Málaga Airport find out more.

    If you look online you’ll likely be impressed with the rental car rates in Málaga: $6 a day, $8 a day, and even less than $20 a day for an SUV.

    Internationally, you'll not only see penalties for underage drivers but also for older ones -- those over 70 may have to pay extra (if they're able to rent at all).

    No dice. Use the information below to uncover hidden car rental fees so you can rest assured you won't run into any unwelcomed surprises on your trip!

    Every traveler wants to find the best deals when planning a vacation abroad, but some rental car costs may not always be what they seem.

  28. car hire malaga full22 de mayo de 2017, 15:46

    But making informed choices can help you avoid hassles and save money can cover the excess online, a Insurance brand, before they travel on holiday at a much cheaper cost than what they would be charged when they arrive to the car hire desk.

    Before you sign up for the extra insurance make sure if it is really worthwhile to do so.

    Read your terms and condition to be aware of any driver fees you may be responsible for upon pickup of your rental car!

    Top ten car hire tips A rental car offers excellent value for money and the freedom to see your destination and everything it has to offer. £18 a day from the rental company) could save you £100s.

    Check the exchange rate – Changes in the value of the pound against the Euro can make a big difference in price so keep this in mind when making your booking. In fact, it’s a way of profiting from every customer.

    You can also shop around for rental companies that don’t charge extra for a second driver, as not all companies do.

    Economy Car Hire topped the broker table of ratings with 78%, with Car Hire at the bottom scoring 52%. If you're unhappy with your car hire company, you can follow our guide to making a complaint.

    We found that one car hire company was rated streets ahead of the rest.